Thai porn babes Mintra and Jun

Asian lesbian sex

So, I have two Thai girls for my readers today, Mintra & Jun. Thai girl Mintra has a very tight body and she is a really naughty Asian girl. She is working as a model and bargirl like most girls featured here. Thai babe Mintra loves to shop for sexy panties and she loves the color pink. The photographer told me that this Thai babe has the sweetest personality and she would do anything for her friends and family.

Jun is from Pattaya and this is one of the shoots where she has that strange look. This girl puzzles me, she is hot as hell in one set and then just looking weird in the next. Maybe it is just me?? Well, Jun is playing around with Mintra in todays gallery, and it is well worth the weird look.

Check out the gallery here!

Thai girlfriends Kanda and Nicha

Asian lesbian sex

Thai babe Kanda goes from solo to hardcore boy/girl sex and now she does lesbian as well. I think I have the best job in the world. I spend my days searching for stunning Asian babes and post them here. what else can I ask for. Kandas girlfriend of today is Nicha. Nicha is brand new, she walked in to the studio with Kanda and wanted to work. The photographer agreed since he is always looking for new models and he says Nicha is a keeper. Both these Thai babes live in Bangkok. Check out the new gallery here!

Lesbian Asian Talents Nan & Jun

These two Thai babes are exclusive to Today we get them together in a lesbian photoshoot. I am in love with Nan as you might have noticed. She is perfection in my eyes. Jun not so much, but she is hot at well, especially when licking Nans perfect Thai pussy. So, short post today, I am off to the beach for a day with my friends. Enjoy your weeekend! Get the content here: GALLERY 1GALLERY 2

Thai lesbian babes Sansanee & Sherri

First of all, sorry for not writing for a couple of days, I have been in bed with the flue.

We have all met these two Thai girls before, but this is the first lesbian set with sexy Thai babes Sansanee & Sherri. There is a bunch of new Thai faces inside and these two Thai cuties are two of them. I really like the quality of the high rez pics inside members area, most of the time over 1500 px on the long side, enough to cover my whole monitor with Thai pussy. I really hope to see more content with these girls, they are now downloaded in a zip file and has a place in my “to keep” collection. I hope you enjoy the gallery too. Here is a link to the photo gallery with Thai babes Sansanee & Sherri.

Thai girlfriends Nan and Lyn

Thai girlfriends Nan and Lyn if featured in a lot of content inside members area at These girls are only posing here and they are not lesbian, but they both enjoy having sex with women as well. On a side note 🙂 Thai lesbian women generally refer to themselves as “toms” and “dees”. A tom is a woman who wants to be a man and a dee is a woman who is with a tom. As far as I know, homosexuality is not a big deal in Thailand. It has recently come to my attention that there are a few lesbian only bars in Bangkok. Thai lesbians are truly starting to form their own community in Bangkok. Enjoy the gallery with Nan and Lyn here!

Santas Thai helpers Mekumi, Rowena and Norlina

Ok guys, this is what my X-mas was like last year. I was surrounded by three lovely Thai girls. We handed out gifts and the girls got new sextoys. We had to try the new dildos out. So we, me and the three Thai girls, had hours of hardcore sex, since all three of them demanded my attention. These lovely Thai babes gave me the greatest gift. I had my cock sucked so good it was extatic. The blowjobs of my life. I had sex with all three of them, they where just dying to please me in every way. Mekumi, Rowena and Norlina was the best gift I ever got from Santa. A full day of sex with the most geourgeous Thai babes I ever layed my eyes on……….. Oh, sorry, I was day dreaming again…………. This gallery started my fantasy, blame for my rant.

Thai lesbian girls Ming, Nan, Kandi and Jun

Santa is early this year, look what he brought me 🙂 4 stunning Thai girls in the same shoot. Life is sweet…….. I logged in at ThaiChix yesterday and found this set and let me tell you, it gets really juicy. The total set is well over 200 photos of these Thai babes. Check out part of the set with Ming, Nan, Kandi and Jun here!!

Thai lesbian girls Jysa and Jessica

These two Thai girls are fantastic if you ask me. Both are new models, did their first shoots about a couple of weeks ago. ThaiChix has new content with them with some pussy licking and lesbian play. Both Jysa and Jessica are new favorites of mine, the are both so sexy. And it looks like they are having a blast infront of the camera. So, if you are in the need for some Thai lesbian content, check out the gallery with Jysa and Jessica here!!!!