Busty Thai babe Miko

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On to todays girl, she is Thai and her name is Miko. I have seen her use another name as well, just cant remember what it is, sorry. I think she is amazing. Her hobbies are riding on her big-wheels, teasing her sister, playing with bugs and picking flowers. Things that can easily turn Thai babe Miko on is anything soft. Soft kisses on her neck drives her wild. Miko loves all sorts of music, because music can dictate emotions. The right music and a couple pecks on her neck and SHE IS YOURS!! Asian beauty Miko is born in Thailand in 1984, she is 5? 8 and her measurements are: 35-24-34. I am still waiting for this girl to cross over to do hardcore, but still no luck. I have 2 galleries with her for you. GALLERY 1GALLERY 2