Thai / Filipino pornstar Arcadia

Thai pornstar Arcadia Davida

I must admit that I always thougt Arcadia was a Thai girl, but now I did some research and it turns out the she is Filipino. Not 100% sure it is correct though. I am sure I have seen an interview with this hottie where she said she is Thai. Ah well, she is hot and naughty as hell no matter where she was born. Arcadia is a seasoned porn star who has done tons of DVD movies, but there isn’t a whole lot of Arcadia content online, it is a sham! This Thai / Filipino girl knows what shes doing when it comes to pleasing a man. Her movies are some of the best on the market. You’ll just fall in love with her slim frame and perky little breasts. This girl has a body built for hardcore porn, that is for sure. Check out the new preview gallery with Asian pornstar Arcadia HERE!

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